revel [rev-uhl]

(taken from dictionary.com)
Revel means to take great pleasure. If you revel in something, you're not just pleased or even excited; you're overwhelmed by joy. It used to mean riotous merry-making. Now it means to bask in the self-reflected glow of your own pleasure. You revel in your victory lap after winning the race.


As mothers of daughters, we were interested in building a company where women are united and encouraged to create. We also strive to be examples to our daughters of what you can accomplish as an empowered woman. That's why we put our heads together to design multifunctional, comfortable clothing that your little girl can conquer the world in. We strive to create a look where our little ones can feel confident, and be authentic. Our goal is to provide quality clothing that is not only charming, but comfortable and practical. Made with purpose, and playfully sophisticated - Revel Threads is proudly a US based company whose beginning designs started on the back of a napkin. 

If the dress fits, REVEL in it.