Welcome to Revel Threads! Created by just your average stay at home mom, trying to navigate life with four kids - three of which are girls. Each of my daughters has her own personality and hobbies. While one loves to climb trees and dig for worms, another wants to paint her nails and look like a princess every day. And while busting out the Sophia dress for a trip to Walmart *might* be cute, it's also terribly uncomfortable, and you and I both know that halfway through the trip she'll be begging you to take it off. So, I decided to create comfortable but stylish dresses that she will want to spend the whole day in, but it won't get in the way of playing hard. She can wear it to church, to school, or to the park. She'll fill her pockets with all her favorite rocks (yes, our twirl dresses all have pockets!!), and then when she comes home, she'll want to sleep in it. No matter the occasion, this dress fits. 

Revel in it.